Mobiles Disco

Mobiles Notices Board

Speakers, microphone, DJ table and disco ball is here!

today i decided to test the server, map, and changeroom script
it worked, this may mean that a beta test is coming really soon!
Server test -Mobiles disco team

Page Progress

my point is editing the page and adding more features like a Notice board
i been making progress to it
i would say its like 55% done, my expects is having a very nice page and looking modern and not too simple
but i keep the classic mobiles disco style as well
-Mobiles disco team

Mobiles disco development starts

has you see the headline, i started to try to revive this social hangout
has been dead and forgotten for a long time, i dont like that
well the game is importat for habbo story and a interesing game too
i hope to improve the game really fast and soon
-Mobiles disco team

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